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1. About downloads

Downloads offer music lovers several advantages over CDs.
Lossless audio formats can now provide digital music at CD quality or higher. Melba Recordings downloads are available as high quality MP3s, CD quality downloads and Studio Master quality downloads.

Downloads are cheaper than CDs, there‚Äôs no postage to pay and you can start listening sooner.  Buyers can elect to buy just their favourite songs or sample albums by buying one or two songs first.

Music booklets in PDF format are delivered with album downloads and album artwork and track information is attached to all track downloads.
Faster internet speeds, greater storage space, digital media players and lots of free support software make higher quality music downloads easier than ever.  Our secure https site and privacy policy make credit card purchases safe and fast.

There is no risk for buyers. If files are lost or corrupted any time after purchase, you can download your purchases again at no extra charge using your Melba Recordings user and ID. We also offer prompt email support for all downloads. Please contact us on

2. Downloading Melba Recordings

Downloading is easy.

1. Choose the CD or the songs you want to buy.
2. Choose the best format your computer can handle and your stereo equipment can play.  To practise you can download one of our TEST FILES.
3. Register with Melba Recordings so you have a user name and ID for back up downloads and support.
4. Pay by credit card on our secure https site. Melba Recordings accepts VISA and MASTERCARD.
5. When you are ready, return to the Catalogue and press the download button beside all the music you have chosen.  For a guide to prices and file sizes click here    If you have any problems or questions, please contact us on

For more detailed assistance see How to Download.

3. Playing audio files

After downloading files,  import or open them in your preferred media player whether it's Windows Media Player, iTunes, Songbird,  Media Monkey or another.

MP3s play on all media player software but some players may need to have their import preferences adjusted to allow the import of CD quality, or Studio Master lossless audio formats. WMA files play easily on PC software but Mac users need to convert FLAC files to play them in iTunes.
You can play Melba Recordings through your computer speakers or headphones; download files to portable devices including phones; or connect your computer to your stereo equipment.

There are several ways to connect your computer to stereo equipment - via analogue cabling, digital cabling or Wi-Fi.

Alternatively, you can upload your music files to one of a growing range of digital media storage devices that deliver music in many digital audio formats by cable or wi-fi to stereo equipment, around the house and sometimes on different channels at the same time.
It  may be wise to back up your downloads, either on disk or CD but it's not essential because you can download them again, using your Melba Recordings user name at no extra charge.

Melba Recordings makes it easy to download and play the finest music in the world!